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We will help your electrical installations by offering complete material solutions for the residential, commercial, and industrial area.

Materials for electrical installations in areas such as:

Residential, Commercial, and Industrial

The main purpose of our company is to satisfy the needs of our customers with the highest quality standards.

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As authorized distributors of the manufacturing community and with the collaboration with other firms in the field, we offer you a wide range of quality products at a reasonable price.

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Challenge COM LTD Is a company that offers electrical solutions

Established in 1994 with Romanian integral private capital, the company operates in the domain of distribution of electrical materials and equipment. We address both professionals and final consumers, offering the complete and optimal solution in the electrical installation domain.

In the position of authorized representative and distributor

of various renowned manufacturers, we offer you complete solutions to all your needs and a comprehensive range of quality products and services for the residential, commercial, and industrial areas.

The main purpose

of our company is to offer quality products and services to our partners in a professional manner. These attributes highlight our status as a reliable partner.


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Variety of products
Technical-commercial consulting
Personalized offers
Quality assurance
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Delivery on time to the established place
Warrant for all purchased products

We are proud of professional and reliable services. We make every step possible to ensure our clients of top quality solutions at an excellent price range. You can easily access our products via:

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We offer complete material solutions for your electrical installations in the

Residential area
Commercial area
Industrial area

Integrated Quality

Management System

Aiming to reach quality and efficiency in developing any electrical, civil, and industrial project, we respect our partners with the help of an Integrated Quality Management System, implemented in accordance with the ISO 9001 / 2000 Standard.


The Challenge Electric showroom equipped with the KNX SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC system presents

The latest innovations in the smart home domain

This solution offers comfort, safety, flexibility, and energy efficiency. You control everything even when you are not at home, utilizing a user-friendly graphic interface on your phone, tablet or laptop. The design of the products is simply and solely impressive. Functions: “leaving home”, “Coming home”,”Watching TV”, “Panic”. We invite you to try out all the functions.

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